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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pasar Tani Mega | Sungai Petani

Pasar Tani Mega is one of the biggest and popular wet market bazaar walks in Sungai Petani town, Kedah. Literally translated in English as Farmer's Market.

Located just behind the Restoran Berkat or Restoran Bee Ah Tong (Marbrown) along Jalan Petri.

The open field wet market is organised and managed by (Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority) FAMA, has a lot to offer from fresh fish to local fruits such as chiku, durian, langsat, mangosteen , rambutan and much much more.

It is a great place to shop for cheaper local products in this market, which is held on every Sunday, Monday and Thurdays which starts at 7:00 am morning till 6:00pm in the evening.

Small lane accessing the Pasar Tani Mega beside Restoran Bee Ah Tong (Marbrown)

The signboard located next to Restoran Berkat, showing the date and operating hours of the market.

At the entrance

Local Fruits

Food Stall

Malaysian favourite breakfast "Roti Canai"

Fresh Vegetables from farms

Fish, prawns and squids.




Potatoes, onions, chilli sauce packs and sugar



Piles of Ikan bilis

Raw Chickens


Petani River or farmer's river (behind the market)

Adjacent to the market is Sungai Petani Taxi Station
(or beside Hotel Duta)